Course                 481 Design Studio
Type                     Multifamily Housing
Location              Lloyd District, Portland, OR
Instructor            Quang Truong
Software             Rhino 3D, Illustrator, Photoshop

This  evolution  of  the  Agora  Mobilia  is  a  social housing (SoHo) project.  SoHo aims to  provide  an alternative  to   housing  in  a  city  that,  amidst  a housing crisis 16,000 apartments  sit  empty.  The alternative  solution should be affordable and meet the needs of an under-served working class. 
The agora is a place for exchange.
The project is social  in  that  it  exists  amidst  the agora and within the city. In a district that houses less than 4,000 long term residents but is made up   of   a  dozen   hotels  and  sees  thousands  of commuters via commerce, work and transit each day,  it  i s   essential   to   take   into  account  the mobile and temporal aspect of the community that is formed from this.