Memory Field is the result of collecting physical remnants as a form of diary entry and memory log over the course of 8 months, from late summer of 2019 to early summer 2020. I’ve wavered many times in my young adulthood between methods of keeping track, finding that I've had a hard time committing to writing for long stretches, turning instead to methods of visual or physical memory logging. I've found that there’s a profound immediacy to physical objects and memory association that I haven’t been able to accomplish so much through writing. I carried around these archival standard comic sleeves I found at the bins for a better part of the year, saving everyday remnants such as found paper scraps, used napkins, foliage, or bus fare — some of which have  greatly decayed, yet the memories stay. Documented here on the 18th of May, 2020. Collected from late summer 2019, ongoing.

many thanks to Julie Perini for acknowledging this practice for what it is and encouraging me to do the same