Arroz con Mango was Office Andorus' contribution to Succulent: Recipes of Architectural Consumption exhibition at the Bakehouse Art Complex as part of Miami Art Week, Art Basel, December 2019. My role in this project consisted of research, fabrication and production assistance, including CNC operation and physical model assemblage.
"Succulent is an exhibition of architecture as food following a traditional five course meal. The Succulent Table is a facilitator of conversation, cultural legacies and experiences. This project is an exploration of process through which we digest the built environment. Contemporary architecture is experiencing a pedagogical shift not limited to representation, speculation, and professionalism. This means through which we consume this information continues to change, presenting itself as a malleable organism to be observed." - Germane Barnes of STUDIO Barnes, co-curator of Succulent
"This series of plates and objects are meant to speak to the complex reality that Miami has - it is the main dish, a most American object that resists racist assumptions of what it means to be from the Americas." - Andrew Santa Lucia, director of Office Andorus