Course                 480 Design Studio
Type                     Public Intervention
Location              Division Street, Portland
Instructor            Leif Halverson
Software             Rhino 3D, Illustrator, Photoshop

Posed with the  task  of  producing  a  provocative intervention along the stretch of SE Division Street in Portland, a continually gentrifying neighborhood often referred to as Restaurant Row, my interest quickly narrowed  in  on  the  lack of  public space in the  area. 
Navigation  of  space  along  the  stretch  of  26th Avenue to  Cesar Chavez  on  SE Division Street is disproportionately driven by money.  In mapping the circulation of money I am mapping circulation of the area as a whole, as movement (or rather existence) in this space nearly requires that one spends or receives money.
My  objective  became  to  provide  space  to  exist that  is  not  monetarily  driven.   A  new agora.  A place for exchange of thoughts, culture, skills, ideas, and memories.